“Geogrid”, is a polymeric structure with a canvas shape. It consists on a regular system of superimposed and integrally connected ribs. Its openings are generally bigger than the elements that constitute them. It is helpful on fields such as geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, hydraulic engineering and transport engineering.

Geogrids, are made through high density polyethylene extrusion, thus, they are not affected by thermical, chemical or biological factors that are commonly found on the field.

Besides the advantages provided by the material, (HDPE has excellent resistance to a wide rank of chemical agents, pressure, heat and temperature variations, and also offers high stress-strain resistance and durability) the structure made of two or three threads’ series permit liquid and gases conduction to any direction with a minimum slope.

  • Soft soil stabilization and increasing of the soil loading capacity (It re-accommodates the forces over the soil)
  • Embankment reinforcement.